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The strategic decisions you have to make for your company sometimes lead you to a crossroads, where you have to choose among various challenges, risks, initiatives and opportunities.
At such times, a host of questions come to mind that require quick, clear and firm answers.

Here is a sample of questions we are familiar with:

« My company is going along fine, but how can I do better? »
« I’ve been putting all my energy into the company for years. How can I step back, take a longer view and work differently? »
« Success is just around the corner. How can I move forward and surf on the crest? »
« I need external financial support to invest, but how can I keep control? »
« I have a competent son or daughter, but how should I organize my succession »
« I have an opportunity to invest or to disinvest. What is the “right” price? »
« I have to make cuts in my business or shareholding portfolio. What’s the best way to go about it? »
« I feel that the market is changing. How can I anticipate it ? »
« I’ve made my company what it is today. But I’m not sure I can successfully take it through its next development stage.
What can I do? »

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