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What we do for:

A new client who wishes to carry out a well defined transaction:

Validation of the transaction and reality check – strategic and financial rationale, side effects, feasibility, schedule, financing/pricing, etc.

  • Audit of operations;
  • Management of the transaction (definition, structuring, staffing and execution)

A new client seeking the right answer to his problems:

  • Objectives assessment and validation, including entrepreneurial and wealth-management aspects;
  • Building up responses and decision-making tools.

Any additional work will include all the steps in the above instance.

These phases usually include an assessment based on a packaged methodology designed to effectively highlight the company’s special features and potential personal constraints or objectives (e.g. cash out prerequisites).

A client we have already worked for:

  • Long term advisory work (periodic business review – strategy or operations, “special projects” task force);
  • Working alongside the client on any new transactions.

Our knowledge of the client’s business and personal environment enables us to optimize the preparation and execution phases.

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